Made for Wowie jam.

Fly around, dodge bullets, and let your friend take care of the baddies for you.

In this game you are a US Space Force pilot tasked with keeping the President's ship from blowing up while an escort also tries to keep you safe. Why? Because aliens have invaded the planet and it takes two minutes to teleport out.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsBullet Hell, Space, Top-Down


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Pretty fun overall and the music is good. also the premise is very easy to pick up even if there were no explanation screen. I also like how the controls are mildly floaty, it really sells the feeling of being in space. However there is one main gripe that I have. When I click the run game button, I can only see the top right corner of the screen, everything else is cut off. Luckily since the jam isnt over this should be a relatively quick fix that will improve the player experience ten-fold. Screen bug aside, pretty fun game

Can you read the entirety of the "escort mission" title text?

What resolution is your monitor?

Did you press F11? Should I put that in the game rather than description?

Would ctrl- fix the problem?

Deleted 176 days ago

Adding the little screen at the beginning that tells you about ctrl- was really helpful and fixes the only problem I had with the game. Ill rate it now.

Thank you!